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Gerald Minott 3 Belgrave 157 Marine Drive Brighton BN21EJ Sussex Tel: 01273 604692

Retreats led by Gerald Mynott

August 2024

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This summer school is for all levels. 

- Beginners will need to choose an area of specialisation, either Calligraphy or Heraldic Art.

- Intermediate students choose between Heraldic Art, Calligraphy or Illumination.

This choice will determine the materials students will need to provide     SEE BELOW FOR MATERIAL LIST*  

If unsure, please email office for Gerald`s details to speak with him directly.     

No matter the experience, students will achieve 1 finished piece by the end of the week with much imput into student learning with specialised skills in practise AND theory in their chosen area of specialisation.

After graduating from Reigate School of Art and further studies in Vienna, Gerald Mynott FSSI embarked on an extraordinary career including as a trained Herald Painter at the College of Arms, Liveryman of Worshipful Company of Painters-Stainers and Scriveners in the City of London and Head of Department at Reigate School of Art since 1997.  

This is Gerald`s 4th Summer School at Claridge House and you will be in very experienced hands.  

Workshops begin after breakfast throughout the day with breaks for meals, tea and cake etc.  

*List of materials - Beginners 


1. Quink Ink (black)

2. some Gouche paint

3. coloured inks

4. cartidge paper A1-A2

5. Fabriano `Artistica` (200gm) for finished work

6. Technical drawing tools

7. pencils

8. eraser

9. t-square

10. set square

11. mixing palette

12. william Mitchell nibs - round hand, set of 6 with pen holder (approx £10 from Hobbycraft)

13. A2 rachet drawing board - borrowed/online from or



Gouache PAINTS in tubes, Windsor + Newton:

1. flame red

2. alizarin crimson

3. red ochre

4. yellow ochre

5. lemon yellow

6. cerulean blue

7. ultramarine blue

8. van dyke brown

9. viridian green

11. lamp black

12. permanent white

13. Gold

14. spectrum violet


1. Cartridge paper A2 pad (for practice)

2. Fabrianno Artistico 300g HP fine not surface (for finished work)

3. Sable Brushes - Winsor + Newton Series 7 no`s (sizes) 1 - 2 - 3 PLUS cheap brush for mixing colours (nylon)

4. pencils

5. eraser (soft and hard)

6. tracing and layout paper

7. technical drawing tools to include:- t.square - medium - large

8. set square

9. compass (medium size)

10. ruling pen

11. palettes for mixing

12. clothes for cleaning/jamjar

13. masking tape

14. cutting knife

15. jam jar

16. china palette (for mixing)


17. Gold leaf

18.  Gesso-making materials

19.  Burnishers (choice of the individual learner)

20. Vellum calf skin

 Gerald can supplied slaked plaster

Residential price: £875.00
Non-residential price: £480.00