Jenny Webb

Jenny has been a Quaker for the past 37 years who spent most of her adult life working in the NHS as Clinical Psychologist. At various times Jenny worked with working age people with mental health problems, the elderly, adults with learning disability and people with neurological problems. During these years she followed a spiritual path, mainly involving Quakerism and Buddhism. It was of great interest to her when the practice of mindfulness entered the mainstream, and became accepted as a legitimate and effective way to help promote people’s psychological wellbeing. Jenny learnt to weave as a young adult, and for some time taught an adult education class. Since retiring she has enjoyed taking up weaving again. Jenny has become fascinated by its potential, as one of the most ancient of crafts, a functional tool, a means of creative expression and an aid to mindfulness. Jenny is a member of the British Psychological Society.

Retreats led by Jenny Webb

July 2021

Booking ID: 070721

This workshop, led by Jenny Webb, offers an introduction to both handweaving and mindfulness. Using a mixture of theory and practice, we will explore the ways in which weaving can be used to help introduce periods of peacefulness, awareness and creative expression into our lives. We will be able to share our experiences in a comfortable and accepting setting. Everyone will go home with a small piece of tapestry weaving of their own. All equipment will be provided. If you are concerned that weaving could be challenging for you, please contact me to discuss the ways in which the workshop can be adapted to your needs.
May be contacted via Claridge House
Feedback from a previous Day Workshop
“Very interesting and thought provoking ... a really enjoyable and positive day”
“Thoroughly enjoyed the day”
“Very useful exercises”
“Overall you have helped me see the value of mindfulness ... helpful to come to MfW with ‘heart and mind prepared”
“Very stimulating, inspiring. I would love to do more”
“I really liked the weaving packs, also the examples”
“I was grateful that you explained the different roots of mindfulness and the history and background”

Non-residential price: £50.00