Lotus Nguyen

Lotus Nguyen

Mindfulness Teacher, Intimacy & Love Coach, QiGong Instructor, Energy & Tantric Healer, Author, Speaker. Lotus has 13 years experience as a Relationship councillor. In addition has been coaching and teaching mindfulness for over 10 years. She is also a Qigong Instructor, a Healer and a co-author of the book Rapid Change for Heart-Centered Women. She also created the HEART-MINDfulness™ system designed to unleash innate power for vitality, success and happiness. HEART-MINDfulness training and coaching enables you to access into your inner wisdom so you can deal with life challenges effectively. It provides you the skills to create harmony in your relationships and helps you become your best self to attract the relationship that your heart desires and live the life that you dream of.

Retreats led by Lotus Nguyen

October 2021

Booking ID: 221021

Are you frustrated with your love life?
This weekend retreat offers you an opportunity to :-
* Uncover hidden blockages so you can let go of negativity and expand positivity.
* Release trapped energy so you can rejuvenate your heart, body, mind and spirit.
* Access your inner power so you can create the relationship that your heart desires.
We will use the practice of HEART-MINDfulness, a unique two-wing approach of HEART and MIND to explore its power for healing, transformation and nourishment.

Residential price: £330.00

December 2021

Booking ID: 301221

Step Into Your Power in the New Year!
This retreat offers you an opportunity to search deeper inside yourself to reconnect with your heart desires, discover hidden blockages that stop you from achieving the relationships you deserve and discover the key to unlocking your greatest potential to live the life you dream of.

Residential price: £660.00