Andrei Illes

Andrei Illes

Andrei Illes is a former black belt martial artist who focused lately on breathing and energy type of exercises like Tai-Chi and Qigong. He’s got many years of training experience and he successfully introduced recently Tai-Chi and Qigong in business environments (after work classes) and in outdoor spaces (training in the park classes). He is very popular in the area where he lives and works and also at Claridge House where he conducted many retreats. He is also a qualified massage therapist.

Retreats led by Andrei Illes

July 2022

Booking ID: 010722

"Shibashi (meaning 18 in Mandarin and pronounced "sher baa sher") is a series of 18 energy-enhancing exercises that co-ordinate movement with breathing and concentration.

It is a gentle, beautiful and flowing Tai Chi Qigong exercise routine that is both a joy to do and deeply relaxing for people of any age.

The overall effect of the exercise is to reduce mental stress and physical tension carried in the muscles of the body.

This Qigong is very effective and easy to learn. It is practiced around the world by over 10 million people, and is considered a national health exercise in Malaysia and Indonesia."

Set 2 will be covered this weekend for beginners.


Residential price: £345.00
Non-residential price: £195.00