Andrei Illes

Andrei Illes

Andrei Illes is a former black belt martial artist who focused lately on breathing and energy type of exercises like Tai-Chi and Qigong. He’s got many years of training experience and he successfully introduced recently Tai-Chi and Qigong in business environments (after work classes) and in outdoor spaces (training in the park classes). He is very popular in the area where he lives and works and also at Claridge House where he conducted many retreats. He is also a qualified massage therapist.

Retreats led by Andrei Illes

February 2022

Booking ID: 250222

Shibashi is a mind-body exercise having it`s roots in multiple traditions including Chinese martial arts, traditional Chinese medicine, and Chinese philosophy. Shibashi fuses the art of gentle movements of Tai-Chi with the strength of continuous breathing and meditation of Qigong to produce effective health benefits.
After this course you can take home with you a set of exercises that will be help you keep fit physically and emotionally, even in the most challenging situations, like a total lock-down.
Please note the number of participants will be restricted in order to ensure your safety.

Residential price: £345.00