Leah Barnett

Leah Barnett

Leah Barnett Biography Leah is a massage therapist who began her journey into the world of holistic therapy back in 2001 when she qualified as a yoga teacher whilst working as a human rights lawyer. Since then she has switched careers and now works as a yoga teacher/therapist and body worker. Leah is trained in holistic, deep tissue, remedial and kahuna (Hawaiian) massage and is also a qualified reflexologist. Her approach is to work intuitively responding to the needs of the body/mind/person as a whole on a moment to moment basis. Her influences are many and her style encompasses all her skills in one, cohesive treatment.

Retreats led by Leah Barnett

August 2024

Booking ID: 150824

Over the weekend we`ll explore how the yoga practices can help calm a busy mind, soothe an agitated nervous system and connect with the ocean of peace which resides within.
We will use a combination of simple movements with breath to move energy safely through the body, nurturing breathing practices to pacify the mind, sound work to soothe the soul, deep relaxation (including yoga nidra) and quiet sitting (meditation) to help us move into stillness.
Suitable for everyone who enjoys gentle yoga, including those with energy issues such as ME/CFS/Long Covid.

Residential price: £575.00
Non-residential price: £288.00