Julia R Martin

Julia is a Chinese Brush Painting artist and enthusiast. Consumed by the beauty and fascinating symbolism, she has been solely dedicated to this wonderful art form for over ten years. She has been tutored by both Chinese Masters and the most renowned Chinese brush painting artists in the UK. Since taking voluntary redundancy in 2011 from a senior management post and over thirty years working in local government, she has been able to dedicate more time to teaching. Julia owns and runs Sidewinder Studio, providing an extensive range of authentic, quality painting equipment imported from individual brush and paper makers and family business in China and Hong Kong. Julia makes month-long visits to China every year to learn more about art from Masters, find new products, make new friends and visit old ones. She is a member of the Chinese Painters Society and was elected to the Committee in 2015.

Retreats led by Julia R Martin

June 2022

Booking ID: 160622


Chinese Brush Painting  -  Tiger and Bamboo 

2022 is the Year of the Tiger in Chinese horoscope so is an appropriate subject to paint  amidst a forest of bamboo. 

There are six species of Tiger living in China, the Siberian Tiger is the most common living in the north of the country.

We will paint these with beautiful shades of amber, stripes of dark ink and snow white muzzles. 

In Chinese culture Tigers symbolise courage, bravery and dignity. In many commercial buildings a painting of a Tiger is hung facing the entrance to scare away evil spirits. 

Bamboo is a symbol of longevity, durability and strength.  We will paint bamboo in two different styles.  Freestyle, using ink and various brush strokes, and  Outline style using a different technique of ink line work followed by subtle shading.

Residential price: £495.00

October 2022

Booking ID: 131022

Chinese Brush Painting   -    Christmas Cards

 We will paint a variety of Christmas subjects in Chinese Brush painting style.  Your nearest and dearest will be delighted to receive a special painted card from  you.

We will paint penguins, pine cones, candles, holly, pine tree, poinsettia, robins and a naughty Christmas kitten.

Julia will bring silver speckled Chinese papers to enhance the wintry feel. 

Paintings will fit on A6 size blank cards, bring your own or they can be purchased from Julia.

Residential price: £495.00