Julia R Martin

Julia is a Chinese Brush Painting artist and enthusiast. Consumed by the beauty and fascinating symbolism, she has been solely dedicated to this wonderful art form for over ten years. She has been tutored by both Chinese Masters and the most renowned Chinese brush painting artists in the UK. Since taking voluntary redundancy in 2011 from a senior management post and over thirty years working in local government, she has been able to dedicate more time to teaching. Julia owns and runs Sidewinder Studio, providing an extensive range of authentic, quality painting equipment imported from individual brush and paper makers and family business in China and Hong Kong. Julia makes month-long visits to China every year to learn more about art from Masters, find new products, make new friends and visit old ones. She is a Member of the "Zhuo Yuan Seal Society of China"; Xian Yu Youren Calligraphy Society of China", Jining University Arts Faculty, and Qufu Normal University

Retreats led by Julia R Martin

October 2024

Booking ID: 041024

In China the Pine Tree, Bamboo and Plum Blossom portray the ideal characteristics of ancient Scholars.

Representing hope, determination and perserverance in the face of adversity.

This is a 3-night weekend from Thurs to Sunday. Anyone who has been on Julia`s courses know you come away

with so much work as well as final works which are beautifully stamped.

Julia is very experienced tutor so it doesn`t matter what level you are, from total amateur to experienced,

you will always be astonished with what you achieve.

Residential price: £575.00
Non-residential price: £288.00