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Lucinda Weis - Nature`s Embrace (Arts Therapy in Nature) Dramatherapist (HCPC registered) and Clinical Supervisor

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July 2024

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This is the fourth and final workshop of a year-long exploration of the seasons.


Now that the summer is finally here, the longer days and warmer temperatures draw us outdoors to play, party, socialise, be sporty, bask in the sun and have adventures. We can finally free ourselves of layers of clothing, expose our body to the elements and much needed health-giving vitamin D, and revel in a general ‘joie de vivre’. In nature, the cycle of life reaches its pinnacle as the preparations of the many preceding months culminate in a riot of colour and activity. Young life – whether fauna or flora - is at its youthful, abundant best, gaining strength and bringing joy to us human observers. 


And yet, for many of us there is a shadow side to the summer that is becoming hard to overlook. It is in the summer perhaps above all other seasons that we have started to really experience the threat of global warming and climate change. Even in the UK, well known for its moderate climate we are beginning to see extreme droughts, torrential rainstorms and flash flooding, and life-threatening heatwaves which bring risk and real danger to humans and non-humans alike.


In this experiential workshop, the group participants will explore what it is they value about the earth and the natural world that we human beings are a part of, and what they fear we may be losing as a result of climate change. They will then be invited to express and reflect on any emotions they may be experiencing in relation to the current predicament of the planet, before connecting with their hopes and their sense of the possibilities for change. This may be an uncomfortable exploration but all thoughts and feelings around this difficult theme are welcome, and will be explored with therapeutic holding and care by a qualified therapist. Story, artwork, movement and mindfulness will provide rich opportunities for working metaphorically and literally, both individually and as a group. Weather allowing, the group will spend most of the time outside in the beautiful Claridge House garden with its cultivated borders, man-made pond and close cropped lawn as well as its wilder parts that are given over to the natural way of things.


If you have any questions, please contact Lucinda on 07729 773469.


Lucinda Weis - Nature`s Embrace (Arts Therapy in Nature)

Dramatherapist (HCPC registered) and Clinical Supervisor

Non-residential price: £65.00