Kevin Scully

Kevin Scully is the author of two novels, seven non-fiction books and is a poet. Kevin’s poetry has appeared in Theology, the ironically titled Saccharine Poetry, Second Chance Lit. A work in praise of libraries will be in the Sims Library Poetry Anthology. Kevin was longlisted for the single poem competition run by Live Canon in 2017. His work often steps into the shadows of spirituality and religion. He also casts an eye backwards, evoking memory but not for nostalgia. The light of the southern hemisphere often illuminates his writing. He has published eight non-fiction books (mostly religious) and two novels and produced ten stage works. He is an experienced leader of Quiet Days and Retreats.

Retreats led by Kevin Scully

August 2022

Booking ID: 190822

This creative writing weekend will provide space and time for those who want to concentrate on their writing.  If you have a project underway, you can devote yourself to your work.

For those wanting some stimulus, there will be some workshops and writing prompts to get the creative juices going.  

There will be opportunities to share work, and present it in a supportive atmosphere.

Residential price: £345.00
Non-residential price: £195.00