Sound Coherence And Vocal Tai Chi
Sounding & The Energy System

  • Start Date: Friday 25th October, 15:00
  • End Date: Sunday 27th October, 14:00
  • Residential Price: £ 399.00 per person
  • Non-Residential Price: £ 199.00 per person

We will learn about our Chakras, their aspects and associations, and begin to engage with these energies using intention, sensation and imagination.  Connecting these faculties with our sense of hearing, we will explore how to intuitively vocalise from the experience of our own energy, our own sense of self and inner state. 

We will use some principles and methods of Vocal Tai Chi, developed by Jenni Roditi. 

Once we have begun to awaken our energetic sound we can begin to encourage greater balance and coherence through the use of intentionally therapeutic sound. for additional information  


Sound Healing & Vocal Tai Chi Retreat


This retreat is all about your healing journey - A journey towards wholeness, vitality, and a deep sense of safety and belonging. This will open you to deeper authentic expression and greater effectiveness in all that you do. 

Learn about the healing power of your own voice and its relationship to your body, breath and energy. Learn about the physical and energetic anatomy of intention, and the magic and majesty of your own heart. Discover your own inner universe of sound through the wonderful practice of Vocal Tai Chi. Activate your heart and step into joyful embodiment of being - alive on this Earth!


Plan for the weekend




The wonderful world of sound & healing
Deep listening: Finding where you are through sound & sensation 
The healing power & potential of the voice
The power of intention deep dive - intention practices
The physical & energetic anatomy of intention
Coming into presence - singing bowl choir



Deep grounding & Earth connection - deepening your relationship
Resonant humming with the Mother
Vocal Tai Chi Session 1 - Body-breath-flow - opening the voice
Vocal Tai Chi Session 2 - Exploring & unfolding
The magic & majesty of the heart
Heart Activation & Soundbath



Toning & Tuning the Energy Centres
Drawing it all together - Integrating the practices

Vocal Tai Chi


Sound your heart out with Vocal Tai Chi. Connect with the flow of energy in breath and body to open the voice and discover your own unique inner universe of sound. From grounded, centred presence, you will initiate an ever deepening exploration of your being through your relationship to your voice. Vocal Tai Chi is a highly intuitive embodied practice guided by Alistair, welcoming all sounds as valuable parts of us to be welcomed, witnessed and honoured. You are the universe in one sound and all the sound in the universe.

If you wish to stay longer, or start your stay earlier, please contact us about availability.

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