Meeting Menopause Retreat

  • Start Date: Friday 20th September, 00:00
  • End Date: Sunday 22nd September, 00:00

Meeting Menopause Retreat

This weekend experience offers a time to process, prepare for or integrate the changes and challenges of menopause. Our focus is on providing support and resources for the psychological and emotional impact of this important life transition.

We will use a powerful combination of stories and myths (as maps to the unconscious), simple physical practices and meditation (drawing on yoga and qi gong), time in nature, psychological processes (such as shadow work, archetypes, and dreamwork) and creativity techniques. We use these different ways of knowing to explore our inner world and what messages from the soul or the unconscious may be waiting to bring us some insights.

It is an opportunity to sit in circle with other women, share stories and tap into the collective intelligence of a group of wise women.


The weekend is part of a longer Meeting Menopause support programme that

includes 6 individual on-line counselling sessions and a weekend retreat with a group of 10-15 women.


Facilitated and held by Fiona Bibby (BACP registered Counsellor, Integral coach, facilitator and qualified yoga teacher) and Sarah Sutcliffe (BACP registered counsellor and Storyteller).


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