Claridge House has established a Bursary fund to enable people who are prevented from coming here for financial reasons, to take part in our selection of retreats and courses. The core value of the work we do here is to nourish the spirit and wellbeing for people from all walks of life who choose to take time out to spend it here at Claridge House.

Whilst the services that we provide here at Claridge House are becoming increasingly popular, we hope that the bursary scheme will make them more accessible to those unable to attend for economic reasons.

Claridge House gratefully appreciates the ability to offer financial assistance to those who need it. Whilst the informal community of supporters who have stayed with us, and given generously to the House has grown both geographically and numerically, further donations are still welcomed.

Below you will find details of how to donate to the fund, who might be eligible to recieve a bursary, and how to apply.

Bursary Information

Our aim has been to make it possible for everyone to attend Claridge House courses and Residential retreats. Our Bursary scheme is designed to help those of limited financial means to attend. We take each application on an individual basis, and payment to support the cost of the visit will be arranged individually with each applicant.

Our bursaries are awarded on the basis of financial need and on a first-come, first-served basis. Our bursary procedure is that, if possible, you consider other sources of funding before applying for a bursary. Local Quaker Meetings, for example, will often give financial support to help Friends and Attenders to stay at Claridge House.

How To apply

A Bursary of up to 30% of the cost of a Claridge House course or Residential stay (excluding travel expenses) may be available to individuals of limited financial means, once per calendar year. Applicants should provide a short covering letter as well as filling out the application form below. Once completed send the form to: Bursary Fund at Claridge House, Claridge House, Dormans Road, Lingfield, Surrey, RH7 6QH. If you are scanning the document and emailing the document then please send to:

To download the application form please click here.


How can you support the bursary?

If you would like to support this bursary fund, you can do so either by a one-off gift, or by a regular (monthly / quarterly / yearly) contribution, paid through direct debit to the Claridge House bank account. For more information and/or to arrange a payment into the fund, please contact us on 01342 832 150 or email us at